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  1. Wow Zack! You’re really picking up the pace these days. Must be all that tannin?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Scott. Yeah, either the tannin, or this presidency… all I know is I wish there wasn’t quite so much material to work with these day.

  3. Amen to that *Saul Handshake*

  4. Dave: What??

    Hey– look at the Fox News website, right now:
    –they just discovered a Planet ‘E.” Could this be where all the liberals are coming from?

  5. *Saul Alinsky*

  6. Dave– but of course. My failing; in this fallen day and age the name “Saul” could hardly evoke anyone BUT the Alinsky beast.

    • Ikabod
    • Posted April 22, 2009 at 12:40 pm
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    “They have endorsed the EU approach to foreign relations: global conflict can be managed and reduced not by unilateral force but by multilateral, transnational institutions that constrain individual nations and subject them to international norms. These norms favor diplomatic discussion and international institutions that promote tolerance, peace, and mutual respect, all directed towards acknowledging and correcting grievances. This ideal, however, is based on a Western Enlightenment view of human nature that assumes all peoples and regimes want and respect the same things we do, such as freedom, peace, tolerance, and affluence, and that they fear what we fear, violence and conflict. And it assumes that most people are essentially rational and thus amenable to rational persuasion.”
    -Bruce Thornton 2009

  7. pet a rabid dog
    you put your life in his hands
    can’t blame Bush for this

  8. Ikabod: So, so good. We know the Left is stupid and shortsighted in its do-gooderism, its rose-colored glasses take on Evil; but they are also arrogant and patronizing, in their unwillingness to recognize that other cultures (such as the culture of Islamofascist terrorists) have values and goals utterly alien to the Enlightenment-oriented views held by the Manhattan ‘n’ Frisco set. Incredible.

    Vegas: Another good one with a killer clincher. It’s true: “How the hell do we blame Bush for this one?”

  9. Obama, Chavez, Ortega and the rest of the despot group are now BFFs. Freedom for Venezuela is now on hold.

  10. MAS1916: Those cuddly Obama ‘n’ Hugo photos will be worth millions– of enslaved lives, that is, as they propagandistically help cement Chavez’ deathgrip on the country.

  11. Why do I suddenly have this image of Judge Judy meeting President Obama and saying, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!”

    Great one, Zack. It works for politics… and for some truly idiot dog owners (uh, I mean, dog “facilitators”) that I know!

  12. Wes: Judge Judy WOULD say that, wouldn’t she? Haven’t watched for a long time but I much enjoy her honesty and God knows the miscreants who appear before her need a dose of honesty.

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