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  1. Blooper alert! Blooper alert!

    Devon’s hairfez leans right.

  2. Lots of hope and change
    doing their best to shoot left
    pendulums swing back!

  3. Good catch Dave… and of course Devon’s hair should *always* lean Left. But like Obama’s promises and committments, there is a certain shifting with the wind, depending on what feels right on a given occasion.

  4. From your keypad to God’s ear, Vegas. If our national pendulum doesn’t do some mighty good backswinging soon, this old grandfather clock may be a goner.

  5. The pendulum always swings back. And it may be sooner rather than later. The MSM is not going to be able to hide the truth for long and then look out.

  6. When it swings back is it okay if it hits Pelosi in the forehead?

  7. I’d prefer Harry Reid but sure!

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