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  1. The anchors on various networks were worse than the protesters with their “teabagging” comments. It was like they were a bunch of high school kids. Also did you see how upset Susan Roesgen got when she found out her protester interviewee actually had something intelligent to say.

  2. Good point, Chris. Liberals often seem to me to have children’s emotion-driven minds in adult bodies. And, sadly, rather disturbed and unwholesome children at that.

  3. Don’t forget poor self-esteemed, bratty, arrogant, churlish, bitter, conflicted & immature.

  4. Why stop there, Dave. Indeed, the behavior I’m looking at from the Left these days– emanating from citizens and leadership alike– could wear out a thesaurus full of adjectives, none of them favorable.

  5. Lenin smiles from hell.

  6. Which reminds me Dave, I’ve been meaning to create an ersatz horror movie poster, totally over the top, along very similar lines: Josef Stalin Has Risen From the Grave, much like the old Hammer horror movies but with a vampiric Obama/Stalin figure. Then again, that one may be a casket too far…

  7. The first amendment
    protects the left and right
    inconvenient truth?

  8. Thanks, Vegas– I’m taking that as a vote of “Go for it.” And of course, exaggeration (as in, e.g., my prospective vampiric Stalinobama figure) is a staple form of humor, political cartooning and writing, etc. etc. Wasn’t Gulliver’s Travels a massive satire of politics and social mores in Swift’s day?

  9. Maobamarxugabe

  10. Good, Dave. Though, newcomers to The Cause may mistake it for an updated, hip kids’ version of “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

  11. Jeez…even just the SOUNBD of it is really quite atrocious.

  12. Dave– thanks for the input but I’m afraid I can’t yet elevate you to Poet in Residence, with that slightly familiar-sounding rejoinder. Besides, Vegas already has that position.

  13. F*cksocks ūüė¶

  14. We’ll have to find you a position though Dave, official word-smith perhaps? ūüėČ

  15. I’m currently a journeyman turdsmith, but I’ll fetch the necessary transfer status forms.

  16. Vegas– A well-meant response, but I’m not sure what Dave does can be called word-smithing. Actually– (thanks Dave)–he’s coined his very own title as we speak.

  17. I love this one. It’s so true.

    I like your idea for the horror movie poster, but if you *really* want to go a casket too far, put Trotsky on it. (With the pick of the ice axe still in his head, of course.)

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