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  1. They’ll just blame George Bush
    And toss in Dick Chaney Too
    Yet they still hate us…

  2. “multicultural standing ovation”, that is BRILLIANT, just BRILLIANT, Zack!
    thanks for that……!!

  3. Vegas: Pithy as only good haiku can be, but says it all. Thanks, we’ve been missing your poetic magic around here. And yes, the Apology Tour (to be repeated now in Mexico I understand?) reaped precious little in the way of sympathy from the devils, pirates and assorted international madmen. What a shock!

    Many thanks for the comment, Z. Coming from one as smart and savvy as you, that’s an honor. We should have, not a block party but a blog party, you me and Vegas here (and mates of course)… I know you’ve visited his great blog for a long time, that’s where I discovered you and your equally superb forum. Two of the nicest folks I’ve met in the ‘sphere, hands down.

  4. Zack, I know vegas will back me up in saying it’s OUR HONOR! His blog IS good, isn’t it. Thanks for your nice comments about mine.

    I’ve been thinking I’d like to feature a cartoon of yours at geeez…and link to HERE so more people could see your great stuff..Write me and let me know what you think, okay? xxx

  5. I’d love it, Z, and would be honored to appear at your place anytime you’d care to post me. Thanks. Just lift any cartoons that strike your fancy. Ultimately, my goal in all this is to help get America laughing at the Left, a fate these often anti-human, spirit-crushing proto-totalitarians richly deserve. “Strength through Mirth.” Ergo, the more exposure I can get, the better.

  6. “It didn’t really kick in” LOL!! That’s funny Zack, great job!

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