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  1. barbies? michelleobama

  2. donlaughlins: I love it! Michelleobama, as opposed to melodrama. A new form of dramatic expression is born…

  3. Let’s hear it for VEGETABLES!!!!


    • Ikabod
    • Posted April 7, 2009 at 12:30 pm
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    I am now come to the conclusion that my own 12 year old daughter matches the courage and firmness of Diversity. As a joke I told her that as soon as a Machelle Obama doll came out I would buy it for her…. Her response: “Daddy, That would be stupid.”
    Thats my girl!

    P.S. She is a big fan of American Girl dolls, so yes she still does play with them.

  4. So is this the very first time she’s proud of Kenya?

  5. Dave– Even vegetables may have a bad vibe by the end of this term. Already the eco-revolutionaries have me hating the color Green.

    Ikabod: You’ve done a fine job and are raising a sensible child.

    Dave: Only when Kenya elects him president; that seems to be the bar she’s holding up these days.

  6. the new black widow
    she won’t eat her own husband
    she just wants your cash

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