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The poster of Churchill above the cash register sets the tone.  Then you see the Remington sculptures, the Durer prints– and of course the “wares”: as desirable a collection of fine used books as I’ve seen anywhere.  Nor is Maxwell’s House of Books all that little, especially when you take into account their tens of thousands of  fine books available online. What really sets it apart– and I’ve been to hundreds of bookstores from the San Diego Barnes & Noble all the way up to Powell’s in Oregon– is the owners.   Conservative intellectual Craig Maxwell and his brilliant and droll wife Lynn are about the best booktalk people you could hope to find, contrasting starkly with the world of Big Box bookstores and their callow and distracted tattooed clerks.  Give them a call at 619-462-3387.  They ship the world over, and if they don’t have just what you want they’re savvy enough to help guide you to some superb alternative.

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