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    • Melek
    • Posted March 5, 2009 at 1:58 pm
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    LOL Zack!

    Excellent as usual … a “fair” warning though … don’t be surprised if the “Vigilantes of Fairness Indoctrination” may also hit the Junior Broadcasters’ Club on gender discrimination … ūüėČ

    “Fairness”, just like many other words in the English language, has fallen victim to the revision and redefinition of the Left/PC patrol. “Fair” to them translates into getting what THEY want, and those of us who do not agree simply have to learn to live with it!

    In recent days we have seen this administration’s “in your face aggression” when dealing with perceived dissent and criticism… Directly from the Alinski manual for community organizers.

    I wish you well ūüôā Melek

    “Everybody is in favor of free speech.
    Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back,
    that is an outrage.”~ Churchill

  1. Mekek, just when I thought I’d covered all my ethnic bases (Asian kid, Black kid, etc.) you come along to remind me that I neglected to mix a little girl into the group. You and I are kidding of course, but you’re right about the Obamists being all too capable of this level of multicultural fascism.

  2. Emperor Chicagula is schmoov, yo.

    • Ikabod
    • Posted March 6, 2009 at 4:41 pm
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    Again dead on. I’m beginning to hear from even the left that perhaps… maybe…… just maybe this guys was the wrong decision. Oh it will grow… but with the fairness doctrine in full swing. I doubt the mullahs of media will allow such “hate speech” to filter through.

  3. Oh man, that is the ultimate music to my ears, Ikabod: I LOVE hearing the lefties and assorted other stooges saying “er, uh, maybe we should have, um, looked a bit deeper into this guy before we built a shrine to him…” It’s a real tight race though, you’re right: the fascists, all set to shut up Rush et al (or kill him, if they really get their way), versus America.

    I hadn’t yet heard The Rotten One compared to Caligula, Dave, but I’m not going to object: he may even outdo that demented emperor in frequency of parties.

  4. The media are HOPING we’ll all just Goebbel it up and throw rose petals like the beautiful people does do.

  5. Freedom of speech… but
    It’s free for me but not for thee
    Leopards can’t change spots



  7. Delivered with your inimitable Haiku twist, Vegas… and too true.

    I see you’re at your over the top best on the weekend, Dave. Love the echo effect! I can just see the packed stadiums cheering on The Rotten One as he utters his Teleprompter-inscribed wisdom.

  8. Me and the missus are DOWN FOR THE SNUGGLE.

    (wish I had a missus) ūüė¶

  9. Dave: Hold out for a conservative. That means no actresses*, no performance artists, and no girl hailing from Boston, NYC or Southern California.

    *Certain VERY RARE conservative actress friends excepted, Incog.

  10. What if they’re covered in free-range carob?

  11. I know how enticing that must seem Dave, but I’d maintain a hands off attitude nonetheless. Be strong…




  13. Glad you liked it. I missed the one before and didn’t want you to start twitching because of your haiku addiction…


    And there is a cool new blog for ya…

    Trust me on this one.

  14. A fun blog to be sure, Vegas– thanks for the recommendation of

    No problem sbout not posting (though your poetry was missed last week); I’ve been the worst Commentor in the blogosphere for months now– just too damned busy trying to make a living in this Hope & Change-drenched market. Things may be starting to turn around very slightly for me… I can hardly wait to have the luxury of cruising around the blogs again.

  15. You’re welcome, just remember that making money is baaaaaad and that the government is here to help.

    At least that’s what I keep getting told…

    Somehow it’s just not sinking in…


  17. Vegas: What I think MAY be sinking in– at least to those Americans still not brain-dead or totally hypnobamatized– is that this rotten radical-Left bastard just may not be the savior they all thought he was when they voted us into this nightmare. We may not have too many joys politically these days, but one for me will be looking upon the dawning awareness on their faces as one by one the dems start to get wise to what they’ve done.

    Dave: Come again? (Translate please. This sounds good, if I can just get a handle on what you’re up to here. It’s been a long day…)

  18. Ah ha ha!! LOL!! So hilariously accurate! On the money as usual, you don’t miss a thing Zack, great job!

  19. 2001, a Gubmint Cheese Odyssey

  20. Funny how much of a hard-on Jon Stewart has for Jim Kramer.


  21. I thought maybe it was a Hal reference, Dave, but glad to hear you confirm that for me. The way things are going I’d RATHER have the computer as president: at least it didn’t say “uh” every other word when off Teleprompter.

    Thanks for the input, Jose. Unfortunately the cartoon behavior of the Left these days is making these drawings all too easy.

    • AngryDumbo
    • Posted March 12, 2009 at 9:34 am
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    This “fairness doctrine” subject bothers me so much I cannot think about it without going full Glen Beck. Anyway, here goes.

    The new doctrine states that the is hope (and no regulation) if you change what you say.

    The speech must change we are told because there are too many conservatives, too few liberals. This is content regulation without a compelling reason other than the election of Democrats. How then is speech free?

    • Ikabod
    • Posted March 12, 2009 at 3:36 pm
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    AngryDumbo. My dear friend with all due respect my friend, apparently you don’t get it. Speech coming from the left regardless of the content, hateful, mean spirited, yes even racial is always, ALWAYS meant as necessary. Wishing President obama to fail, is hate speech. Wishing Bus to fail is being not only patriotic but should be encouraged. Remember its ok to wish failure of a republican/conservative president. .

  22. AngryDumbo: It is well and right that all of us are beyond bothered by the Fairness Crocktrine: it strikes me as the most baldly totalitarian move that even the rabid Left has dared to consider, to date. If you’ve never written congress or called your representative before, this is the time. Once the Left gains control of this all-important organ of free speech, we may well be sunk as a freedom-loving nation.

    Ikabod: Just as you say. One must assume from the getgo that in the current Democrat Party one is no longer dealing with simply an opposing set of ideas but with a now pro-totalitarian force that seeks to deny or restrict freedom in a thousand ways.

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