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    • AngryDumbo
    • Posted January 15, 2009 at 12:34 pm
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    Awesome. Roman Empire. Stuff like that.

    • Ikabod
    • Posted January 15, 2009 at 12:51 pm
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    While the nation goes to hell… Liberals are enjoying their organic soy popcorn substitute.


  1. Oh, do I know people like this…

  2. nation in decline
    while liberals stand up and cheer
    the rest foot the bill

  3. “… with your host, Keith Olbermann” LOL

    You must have been listening to El Rushbo. Earlier this week or last week he was commenting on how giddy the MSM seem to be when they report bad news about America.

    Brilliant cartoon as usual!
    The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

  4. And they continue to live in the hated nation of AmeriKKKa why?

  5. I love the plastic hair and manninsh sweater she wears. It’s sooo, I dunno, progressive.

  6. AngryDumbo: Thanks…above all, for that name (well worth a cartoon of it’s own). And yes, the Left is a culture not sliding but long since slid into decadence and decline and is rapidly pulling the rest of us down with them.

    Ikabod: Enjoying their popsoy, and also enjoying the fall of our country. Now, they figure, we can start to replace capitalism and nationalism with Globalism. Because the World, as we all can see, is doing such a good job of maintaining civility.

  7. Wesley M: I wish I didn’t. Unfortunately we have neighbors of this ilk who won’t speak to me now that they know I’m all evil and prehistoric in my political views.

    Vegas Art Guy:

    Nice poem, says a lot
    In a very short, short space.
    Poems can be too long

    Also very Global of you I must say for writing in a non-Western mode. I wish all my visitors were equally diverse, it’s so U.N…

  8. Eric The Red: Naa– Rush got it from me, didn’t you know? [What a master, and what a scathing impression of McCain!]

    Olbermann is known around here as the little Satan.

    Scott: We prayed that they’d move to Paris as they promised to if Bush were to win in ’04; they didn’t. Now, unfortunately, we’re stuck with them for at least the next four years as they hang out worshipping their new telegenic god.

    Steve B: Yes– all black sweater and slacks for Devon, always. One of these days I fear she may be walking by a highway at night and get creamed, unseen in the dark. Hopefully it will be by an SUV.

    • Ikabod
    • Posted January 16, 2009 at 11:49 am
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    I truly believe their concept of the fall of America is not necessarily they want it to “fail” just decline enough that the rest of the world passes us by. As if its unfair that we have achieved so much. One “progressive” I spoke with was moaning over obamas plans for the next moon project. “Why don’t we solve our problems here first before jaunting off to the moon?” I politely explained… the moon will be used for storage of neo-libs. It’s time for the moonbats to return to their homeplanet. We haven’t talked much since then…

  9. Bingo, Ikabod. What I fall short of explicating in a limited cartoon like this, you’ve nicely amplified here. It’s the damned inequality of American life that so irks them. Why SHOULD we have it better than, say, poor Somalia or Haiti? Why NOT try to cut us down to size a bit, make us Feel The Pain of lesser nations?

    Sorry to hear you lost your Progressive acquaintance over that nifty moon reply you offered him… or am I?

  10. Steve B: Yes– all black sweater and slacks for Devon, always. One of these days I fear she may be walking by a highway at night and get creamed, unseen in the dark. Hopefully it will be by an SUV.

    Too funny! True poetic justice would be her getting hit by an H2 hummer filled with kids on their way to a Christian Youth Camp where they’ll be feeding the homeless, visiting with veterans and helping the Boy Scouts…

    They’d stop and help her of course which would probably stop her heart completely..

  11. Nice scenario, Vegas. But Devon would need to HAVE a heart in order for it to stop…

  12. She has one, it’s just tilted 40 deg. to the left and the right side doesn’t work very well…

  13. Well said, Desert Glows Green/Haiku Master. I really have sometimes wondered if Leftists might be of a different biological/chemical composition than regular folks. Example: “The Palestinians are the good guys.” Are you kidding me? Gimme a break.

  14. Hey, what’s wrong with soy?!! Some of us non-libs eat soy too…

    but this cartoon is so representative of the leftist mindset. they’d love to see the downfall of this country as much as our non-western brothers abroad.

    And I do think they have some different kind of gene.

    I’ve been blogging over at India-based blogging/citizen journalist site.. lots of pro-Palis there and engaging with them is enough to make one’s mind explode.

  15. The left isn’t happy unless it’s unhappy. That’s why they’re ALWAYS….hey, wait.

    • Ikabod
    • Posted January 19, 2009 at 12:25 pm
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    ““The Palestinians are the good guys.” Are you kidding me? Gimme a break.”

    Again we are laboring under the misapprehension that Palestinians/hamas/hezbollah/muslim brotherhood are the good guys. Their knee jerk reaction to any aggressive action is to…. surrender or appease. Therefore the ultimate appeasement is the elimination of the US altogether into some sort of neo-communal-collective-agrarian-co-op.

    • Ikabod
    • Posted January 19, 2009 at 12:27 pm
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    Oh and I forgot the hemp…. gotta have hemp!

  16. Incog: Not a thing wrong with soy; as a matter of fact it is very useful– for cracking jokes about vegans. But seriously, true confession: I drink soy milk myself. It’s great! Plus all those wild flavors. When was the last time you could find hazelnut-flavored milk? Hey whatever it takes to keep your nutrition up: you’re gonna need a lot of fortifying if you’re going into blog-battle with pro-Palistinians.

  17. Good point, David, about the circular logic of the Left. Inauguration Day tomorrow may be one of those rare moments that finds them genuinely happy, en masse. Unfortunately the DC sanitation squads will be a good deal less happy the next day.

  18. I like that, Ikabod: “neo-communal-collective-agrarian-co-op.” And what is the flag of this new, deconstructed USA– a white flag with a pattern of fifty hemp leaves, arranged to both ape and mock Old Glory?

    • Ikabod
    • Posted January 19, 2009 at 5:31 pm
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    I would believe it will be a simple white flag to two reasons. One its easy to clean. Two it saves money or er bartering credits since the flag can be used for surrendering to (place name of country or terror group here_________) in the event of a squabble. 50 hemp leaves? I don’t know about that… that would imply “owner” ship… that would not be very co-op of us now would it?

  19. The white flag approach does seem to fit the bill, Ikabod. Also, it nicely symbolizes the overarching liberal philosphy of Moral Relativism: no design equals no judgment.

  20. Zack – just wanted to say thanks a lot for the encouraging words about Kitty. It means a lot to my family.

  21. Zoroaster help me….I live just north of DC. Perhaps some of His Holiness’ Sacred Rose Petals shall blow my way.

  22. Don’t mention it, Scott. Kitty Poo is in a place of an infinite peace and joyousness unknown to us. I hope you’ll think of him that way in days to come.

  23. You’ll need more than Zoroaster to get you through this one, David. Try a prayer to Gaia and/or Osiris.

    Let’s hope all that gets blown your way by tomorrow are sacred rose petals, and not the wafting smell of tons of garbage left by exultant revellers.

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