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    • Donna C
    • Posted January 7, 2009 at 8:10 pm
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    One of your best yet, Zack! Thank you for yet again presenting reality truthfully. Well done!

  1. Hey thanks, Donna. It’s hard to caricature the behavior of the Palestinians and their beloved leadership from hell; nothing can top their own real-life actions & attitudes.

  2. Ah, I’ve been waiting for something on Hamas’ antics! The way you put it all in the context of a middle class home setting is genius!

    Suggest another witty take, on Hamas using the UNRWA school as an attack base then blaming Israel for setting off the booby trap bombs in it and killing civilians…

  3. first behead the dolls
    then he attacks the blue star
    where’s the justice here?

  4. Scott: Please don’t give Hamas any ideas.

    [Thanks. Maybe Jayson can help set up a full-scale missle-launcher in the Multi-purpose Room.]

  5. “Haiku” Vegas: I’d like to whack that kid till he sees blue stars.

  6. Of course they did, Scott. After all, the unspeakable evil of a people capable of resurrecting crucifixion as a punishment in the 21st century (as Hamas has done) should never be underestimated.

  7. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

    • Ikabod
    • Posted January 8, 2009 at 9:58 am
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    I cannot understand Zack you lack of tolerance and justice for the poor Palestinians. Wheres the schools with missiles stored inside? Wheres the homes with weapons cache’s? Dang where’s the UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch looking the other way? I wonder what middle east expert Annie lennox will have to say about this! Well done again as usual Zack. I am emailing this to my most frothing at the mouth liberal anti-Semites!

  8. Thanks Wesley. Hope visitors with a taste for wicked anti-lib fun go straight to
    for your amazing blast at useful idiot Larry King, plus much more.

    Ikabod: So Annie Lennox IS now a Middle East expert? Who appointed her– Sean Penn?

    • Ikabod
    • Posted January 8, 2009 at 11:34 am
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    Yep no solutions just caring.

  9. Ikabod: You say that like there’s something wrong with it.

    I. M. A. Libbie

  10. Brilliant…had me laughing for a long while.

    was also waiting for this…

    just posted.. though wish it was larger.

    and remember this?

    the american international school attacked in Gaza by militants… no-one killed… but where was the outrage.. ?

    • Ikabod
    • Posted January 8, 2009 at 6:07 pm
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    What I think is laughable if it wasn’t so sad is former-ex-failed-president jimmy carter is either a blithering idiot or naive. Somehow like all anti-Israeli activist the Gaza war is to be blamed on Israel…

    I want to believe he isn’t THAT stupid…and yet. I like his description of the tunnels used for smuggling weapons as “defensive”. As far as the so-called blockade is concerned. Rockets and mortars are able to make it through. These are big items. If Hamas or the UN for that matter cared so much for the Palestinians why then is food such a hard commodity to smuggle. And no I don’t believe for a second that Israel was preventing shipments of food.

  11. Incog (re your links), we’re living in a dreadful time of moral confusion the likes of which I’ve never seen. To have our country’s thoughts shaped by a twisted media which allows, even embraces, the greatest evils, while condemning a decent democracy like Israel– it really is the ultimate litmus test as to the current depraved state of journalism across the board.

  12. Ikabod: Carter has come to represent all of the foulest and most evil (yes, I mean that) impulses and philosophical leanings to be found on the planet. He’s like some hideous rancid peanut, long spoiled and now progressing to undreamed-of new levels of rottenness.

    • matt lee
    • Posted January 8, 2009 at 8:23 pm
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    Just saw ABC news doing (another) story on the “Palestinian” children who are so sad and suffering because of the atrocities of the horrible, terrorist Israelis.

    I want to tear my hair out. Night after night this propaganda goes over the airwaves in the guise of “news”. Yet the last two years of rockets into Israel hasn’t produced one such fluff piece on “poor Israeli children” and how THEY suffer.

    Keep up the good work. Your cartoons are a very important form of journalism!

  13. I’d like to whack him until he’s black and blue! Hope you don’t mind the haikus, it’s just turned into a habit…


    Keep up the great work…

  14. Thanks Matt– The only reason I draw is so I WON’T tear my hair out. (Keeps my hands busy.) And I believe the rank irrationality of the current “journalism” is rooted in cowardice, pure and simple. Underneath all that nauseating, self-congratulatory pseudosophistication is a pack of quavering cowards, too afraid to call a terrorist a terrorist but with no problem castigating a decent and moral democracy. Hell is too good for these bastards for their role in abetting those who would destroy modern civiization.

  15. Bingo! To quote Ron Weasley (I think): Bloody brilliant!
    The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

  16. Vegas, the haiku is hai-cool! Love reading it, great to have your unique input. Also love visiting your blog, –it’s like a trip back to high school, minus the homework.

  17. Thanks for that Eric, but honestly, I’m just scribbling the obvious. Hope folks are going to your outstanding blog for all the rich details.

    (Still one of the best around)

  18. Thanks for the link, Zack! I’m looking forward to your next piece of work!

  19. Thanks Wesley– I’m looking forward to it too. Where’s that coffee, I need inspiration…

  20. Getting better and better. Good show, ZR.

  21. Thanks Brian. For a blog with a funny name you do an ace job yourself.

    (“Six Meat Buffet”– readers of mine curious about that unforgettable moniker are urged to visit ASAP at Vegetarians also allowed.)

  22. Glad you like the poems and the blog Zack. How long until Jayson tunnels from his room to his sister’s in order to destroy the oppressors?

    Funny how the ‘oppressor’ in this case is a female, I thought they were the oppressed class…

  23. Good one, Vegas. Let’s hope Israel keeps up their offensive long enough for me to draw that one up.

    As we all know, females are Oppressed Victims unless they’re Sarah Palin. Then they become hell-spawn that must be destoyed.

  24. That’s right! Rule #1 of the ‘tolerant’ left…

    Never Leave The Reservation…

    And you thought the Berlin Wall was twisted…

  25. It’s true, Vegas. Also, for all their talk of the relativity of everything and hesitancy to judge, they have as many moral strictures as the most devout Catholic. Only catch is, theirs are all destructive.

    Thanks Scott, an excellent cartoon. Will return to this blog for sure. Too bad this drawing can’t be translated & leafletted over Gaza.

  26. Great cartoon, man. I emailed it to everyone. But you should have a second part to this cartoon – an Israeli soldier comes through the door and rapes and murders the kids!

    That would be a more realistic presentation of the true facts.

  27. Thanks for the comment, True. Since you seem totally on top of these things (so to speak), what exactly IS the number of Israeli soldiers who have raped and murdered kids? Please get back to me as soon as you can, we’re all awaiting your information.

  28. True Lies is a seminar poster. Forgive him, for spermatozoa swim betwtixt his teefs.

  29. You said it, Dave. A real charmer. Who does he work for, Hamas or Hezbollah?

  30. Carter, Inc.

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